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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

[NEWS] Apple computers 'hacked' in breach

        Apple has said its computers were attacked by the same hackers that targeted Facebook.
The iPhone-maker said a small number of its machines were affected, but added there was "no evidence" of data theft.
      Last week Facebook said it had traced a cyber attack back to China which had infiltrated employees' laptops.
Apple said it would release a software update to protect customers against the malicious software used in the attack.

        In a statement, the Cupertino, California-based firm said: "Apple has identified malware which infected a limited number of Mac systems through a vulnerability in the Java plug-in for browsers.
"The malware was employed in an attack against Apple and other companies, and was spread through a website for software developers.
"We identified a small number of systems within Apple that were infected and isolated them from our network. There is no evidence that any data left Apple.
         "We are working closely with law enforcement to find the source of the malware."
Java vulnerabilities
News of the hack comes as a US-based cyber security firm claimed to have pinpointed a specific building in Shanghai that was being used to house one of the world's "most prolific cyber espionage groups".
         Mandiant said Unit 61398, part of the country's People's Liberation Army, was believed to have "systematically stolen hundreds of terabytes of data" from at least 141 organisations around the world.
China denied hacking and questioned the validity of Mandiant's report.
       Apple said it had taken measures to protect users from vulnerabilities in Java, a widely-used programming language that was found to have serious security flaws.
"Since OS X Lion, Macs have shipped without Java installed, and as an added security measure OS X automatically disables Java if it has been unused for 35 days," the company said.
         "To protect Mac users that have installed Java, today we are releasing an updated Java malware removal tool that will check Mac systems and remove this malware if found.
Example Video hacker

[NEWS] Denis Mukwege: The rape surgeon of DR Congo

Rape is the matter will happens when there is the war.The high level can't stop their subordinate to their indulgences. History has taught us when the war broke out, a lot of bad things that will happen as the economy falls, the community lost protection, crime are rampant, but why is the war still occur. DENIS MUKWEGE has helped thousands of women who have been raped. 

Denis Mukwege is a gynaecologist working in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He and his colleagues have treated about 30,000 rape victims, developing great expertise in the treatment of serious sexual injuries. His story includes disturbing accounts of rape as a weapon of war.
When war broke out, 35 patients in my hospital in Lemera in Eastern DR Congo were killed in their beds.


I fled to Bukavu, 100km (60 miles) to the north, and started a hospital made from tents. I built a maternity ward with an operating theatre. In 1998, everything was destroyed again. So, I started all over again in 1999.
     It was that year that our first rape victim was brought into the hospital. After being raped, bullets had been fired into her genitals and thighs.
     I thought that was a barbaric act of war, but the real shock came three months later. Forty-five women came to us with the same story, they were all saying: "People came into my village and raped me, tortured me." 

Other women came to us with burns. They said that after they had been raped chemicals had been poured on their genitals.
     I started to ask myself what was going on. These weren't just violent acts of war, but part of a strategy. You had situations where multiple people were raped at the same time, publicly - a whole village might be raped during the night. In doing this, they hurt not just the victims but the whole community, which they force to watch.
     The result of this strategy is that people are forced to flee their villages, abandon their fields, their resources, everything. It's very effective.
We have a staged system of care for victims. Before I undertake a big operation we start with a psychological examination. I need to know if they have enough resilience to withstand surgery.
Then we move to the next stage, which might consist of an operation or just medical care. And the following stage is socio-economic care - most of these patients arrive with nothing, no clothes even.
We have to feed them, we have to take care of them. After we discharge them they will be vulnerable again if they're not able to sustain their own lives. So we have to assist them on socio-economical level - for example through helping women develop new skills and putting girls back in school.
DR Congo
     The fourth stage is to assist them on a legal level. Often the patients know who their assailants were and we have lawyers who help them bring their cases to court.
In 2011, we witnessed a fall in the number of cases. We thought perhaps we were approaching the end of the terrible situation for women in the Congo. But since last year, when the war resumed, cases have increased again. It's a phenomenon which is linked entirely to the war situation.
      The conflict in DR Congo is not between groups of religious fanatics. Nor is it a conflict between states. This is a conflict caused by economic interests - and it is being waged by destroying Congolese women.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Should we celebrate the 2013 now?. too late ...Now is January. :) .I am not much focus in this side.More into ANIME side.I would like to make it balance now.No point if I only update in one side.The others will die soon.Right ?.


Who is this lady?. Her name is Rangiku in Bleach (anime ).If in real life,I am not sure who she is.I got this picture from cosplayupload.There you can get many cosplay anime.The difference is only the boob should be bigger to be the real Rangiku. :).